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Design Development
InSite Consulting Services
Value Analysis
Construction Plan Review
InSite CCM works alongside owners, architects, and engineers to design each project to the owner's specific program needs.  During this process, careful consideration is given to cost, constructibility, and project time-frame using a critical-path method (CPM) of analysis.
Value Analysis is a systematic analysis to identify and select the best value alternatives for designs, materials, processes, and systems. InSite CCM proceeds by repeatedly asking "can the cost of this item or step be reduced or eliminated, without diminishing the effectiveness, required quality, or customer satisfaction?" Also called value engineering, its objectives are to distinguish between the incurred costs (actual use of resources) and the costs inherent (locked in) in a particular design (and which determine the incurring costs), and to minimize the locked-in costs.

Construction plans for each discipline are reviewed thoroughly to ensure compatibility with the overall design.  Building code and project specification compliance, errors and omissions, and project phasing are carefully considered during this process.
Construction Documentation
Bid Process
InSite CCM works with owners to interpret and manage documentation throughout the construction process, including requests for information (RFI's), change orders (CO's), project schedules, payment applications, permits, and other documentation critical to the construction of the project.
InSite CCM assembles a list of the most qualified bidders for the project, prepares bid documents to outline the Owner's supplemental conditions and requirements, and coordinates the bidding process.  Once received, bids are extensively evaluated against each other to ensure project scope, pricing alternates, and other bid requirements are included and bids are compared on an "apples-to-apples" basis.  InSite CCM will meet with the qualified low bidder and negotiate the contract on behalf of the owner, prepare contract documents, and coordinate the execution of the contract.